Commit is a holding company with a stake in piped gas distribution companies located in different states of Brazil. Our company is the result of the joint efforts of two important companies in the gas market — Compass and Mitsui — which are combining best practices in the industry to make Commit a reference in management and innovation in piped gas distribution with ethics, responsibility, and efficiency, and to develop the market in the long term.

At Commit, we believe that natural gas can play an even more strategic role in the Brazilian energy mix, taking the economic, social, and environmental benefits of piped gas to a growing number of cities and customers and helping to ensure energy security, which is essential for economic growth and increased competitiveness in the regions where we operate.

Brazil has enormous potential to expand the supply of natural gas, especially with national reserves and imported gas under competitive conditions. We are also seeing prospects for expansion of new renewable sources of supply such as biomethane in different regions of the country. In terms of developing demand, we at Commit are dedicated to engaging in significant collaborations to multiply the connection of new consumers to piped gas distribution networks in the states where we operate.

Last update: July 12, 2022